The Sniffer for Stuffy Noses

The Sniffer for Stuffy Noses

Breathing is essential for life. I know that is not breaking news, but we do take breathing for granted until we get a stuffy nose. There are tons of reasons for stuffy nose, this protocol will support your sinuses and immune system as your body fights all kinds of environmental threats.

Step 1: Saline wash

This is the first thing I do at the first sign of a runny stuffy nose long before any complications or infections can set in and you have to run to the doctor for an antibiotic. I used to get a sinus infection a few times a year, but supporting my body early and often has kept me healthy, out of the doctor’s office and off antibiotics.

This is a great way to keep your sinuses clear during allergy season or fighting a bug. I do this first so that as I sniff the steam infused with oil in the next step my airways are clear.

Never, Ever, Ever put oils in a saline wash. Just don’t do it. You won’t die, but you will be sorry you did it.

Step 2: Sniff the steam

Get a mug of steaming hot water

Put 1-2 drops of each oil in the water:
Oregano (Do not overdo this one. Start with one drop)

Cup your hands over the steam and bring your nose close to your hands. Release the steam under your cupped hands and inhale the steam. It is strong, guys. It will burn and you will cough, but keep doing that as often as you can over the next few minutes. When you have sniffed all you can sniff you can throw this concoction down the drain. Don’t try to ingest it or reheat and reuse it.

Depending on the issue you are trying to solve you can add these oils too:

I love the Modern Essentials book for looking up the issue I am addressing with oils. I highly recommend it.

Step 3: Repeat throughout the day and add breath, using this tutorial. Be sure to give your immune system a boost with Onguard.

None of this is as easy as popping a pill. The saline wash is weird and uncomfortable. The sniffer is pretty powerful and gets all that mucus running and that is not so fun. But I find that when I support my body and help it fight the environmental threats to stay healthy, I feel better consistently and have to take these measures less and less.

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