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Drink Your Essential Oils

Drink Your Essential Oils

Opinions abound on this issue. There are a lot of voices saying all kinds of things. I am going to tell you what I do and not what you should do. I am comfortable drinking doTerra oils. Here are some details. The cautions on drinking essential oils are founded. These...

Breathe Respiratory Blend by doTerra

Breathe Respiratory Blend by doTerra

Do you have trouble breathing sometimes? I do. DoTerra’s respiratory blend, Breathe was probably my first daily use oil. Just before I put my head on the pillow, I put a drop in the palm of my hand and then rub my hands together and cup them around my nose and inhale...

The Sniffer for Stuffy Noses

The Sniffer for Stuffy Noses

Breathing is essential for life. I know that is not breaking news, but we do take breathing for granted until we get a stuffy nose. There are tons of reasons for stuffy nose, this protocol will support your sinuses and immune system as your body fights all kinds of...

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DIY Foot Soak

Are you searching for a safe and natural way to combat foot fungus? This is my go-to foot soak after many years of foot issues that resulted from a serious injury. Soaking my feet every night became a ritual as I was growing my toenail back. I love this DIY foot soak to promote healthy nails and skin. This recipe is linked to a post I wrote on oregano oil. You can read it here. I have loaded these oils in to a cart for you as a starting point. You can click here and add or delete anything to...

Kidney Support Rollerball

This Kidney support recipe for a rollerball will help you keep your kidneys working well. It is just one way that you can use essential oils to support your kidneys as they support you. You can read all the ways and all the oils to support your kidneys here. All these oils are loaded in a shopping cart here Want more recipes? Follow us on all our Social Media channels! With blessings, Heather

Inhale Diffuser Blend Recipe Card

Read more about doTerra's blend called Breathe in this article. Breath is one of my favorite oils and probably the first one I fell in love with at the beginning of my essential oil journey.

The Sniffer Recipe Card

This is my go to protocol for stuffy noses at our house. You can read all about the sniffer here. I even have a few variations and tons of info in that article. Happy Sniffing! Heather

My EO Recipes

 Our favorite tool for keeping all our Essential Oil recipes and making our monthly list so we have the oils we need when we need them.   

Start Here!

This is a simple guide to help answer the questions you may have if you are just starting out.  

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