Oregano Oil Benefits and Uses

Oregano Oil Benefits and Uses

Oregano essential oil has so many benefits for your life. It is so powerful and versatile but first I have a funny story to tell you. A friend of mine is a homeschool mom and she was on her way to the zoo with her kids and her mom was driving for this field trip while she was putting drops of oils in a veg cap. She was feeling like she might be coming down with something so she was putting all her immune boosting anti-viral goodness in a gel cap so she could keep going and make it to the zoo and beyond for this incredibly long day. Well, just at that moment when she had a full bottle of oregano in her hand, her mom hit a pothole and she spilled oregano all over herself. The whole van erupted as the smell moved through the vehicle. It was strong, so strong that they had to stop at Walmart so that she could go in and get a new shirt and tie the old shirt up in the bag, but the smell lingered and followed her throughout the long day. They made it to the zoo that morning and had a wonderful field trip, but the day was not over. When they got back into town she could not go home. They got back just in time to get her son to his basketball game. She came into the gym and sat down next to a friend and told her story. They both laughed as her friend said, “Oh, that’s what I smell.” The smell had dissipated but it was still hanging on and following her everywhere. The game started and the husbands started to show up after they got off work and as they were all leaving the husband of her friend leans over and says, “Let’s go out for pizza, I don’t know why I’m craving pizza. I was sure they were selling it in the concession window. They said they weren’t but I can smell it and now all I want is pizza.”

I tell you that story to illustrate how strong oregano oil is. It is so powerful to help you keep going when you start to feel that tickle in your throat. I use it as my first line of defense and if I end up laying in the bed resting to let my body recover. Either way, it is never too late to grab a bottle of oregano.

Properties of Oregano:

Antibacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-parasitic, Antiseptic to the respiratory system, Anti-viral, and immune stimulant

Ways to use Oregano:

Be very careful using this oil topically. It is considered a hot oil and can be hard on the skin. If you choose to use it as a compress for congestion in the lungs, use it diluted in a carrier oil, and be warned, it is strong and can cause skin irritation. I really like the oregano touch for this method because it comes diluted and easy to apply.

Diffuse it when you are recovering from an environmental threat that has you all stuffed up. It is really powerful in The Sniffer. It is the first thing we do at our house when we have a stuffed up nose. You can read more about how we handle a stuffy nose here.

Take it internally with other immune boosters in a veggie cap. I pair cinnamon and clove with it to really boost my immune system and fight invaders.

This is a great culinary oil. Add it to tacos, or Italian dishes. But only one drop at the most as it is much more powerful than dried oregano leaves.

Oregano is a powerful oil that I am never without! It comes in the basic kit which is a clear sign that it is a great oil to start for beginners with a lot of applications.

How to get a bottle of oregano:

Getting your hands on a bottle of doTerra oregano essential oil is pretty simple. The 15 ml bottle comes separately or in this kit. The 5 ml bottle comes in this kit.

The 10 ml oregano touch bottle is a necessity that can be purchased separately or with a bunch of other necessary touch oils in this kit.

Both single oils are in this cart. As always you can add or subtract any product from this cart to make your own shopping list.

More information about Oregano from doTerra here. More about the 10 ml Oregano touch here. More info on supporting the immune system here.

Are you wondering where to start with essential oils? I have the answers for you here.

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Kidney Support Rollerball

Kidney Support Rollerball

This Kidney support recipe for a rollerball will help you keep your kidneys working well. It is just one way that you can use essential oils to support your kidneys as they support you. You can read all the ways and all the oils to support your kidneys here.

All these oils are loaded in a shopping cart here

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With blessings, Heather

Support For Your Kidneys

Support For Your Kidneys

Your kidneys are a pair of organs that do so much good for you. When they are not functioning well you are sick! Healthy kidneys convert the waste and water in your system into urine so that toxins can be eliminated. When you are trying to support your kidneys you want to look especially at the oils that have powerful detoxification qualities.


This oil is super powerful! The list of Common Primary Uses is long because its properties are antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and revitalizing among lots of other good things.


This oil has so many uses. It is highly antibacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiviral, antiseptic.


This is one of my favorite oils! It has properties that make it a very useful oil. Along with all the properties of Thyme add anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, supports healthy digestive function, neuroprotective properties.

As with all citrus oil, it is photo sensitive. If you apply it to your skin you should avoid direct sun light or UV light for 72 hours after use.

Juniper Berry

Over the centuries Juniper has been use as a purifier for wounds and cleanse infection. I put this oil in my bath on Sunday afternoons for those detoxification and grounding qualities.


I fell in love with geranium oil early. It is great for supporting you through hormone shifts. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anticonvulsant, mood lifting, relaxing and refreshing.

Clary Sage

I pair this with geranium and wear it as a perfume. Along with smelling great and supporting my premenopausal hormone changes it is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anticonvulsant, sedative, soothing and warming.


This is an oil that is good for almost everything. It tastes delicious and is known for its detoxing qualities. There is a reason that doctors tell people who are prone to kidney stones to drink lemonade, lemon water and suggest a wedge of lemon for their tea. This oil can bring all that goodness in one drop.

Detoxification blend – Zendocrine

This is a blend that supports the endocrine system and promotes hormone balance. It comes in an oil and in capsules to make internal use easy and mess free.

The oils in it are some of the ones included in the list above: rosemary, cilantro, juniper berry, tangerine and geranium.

Zendocrine to support your kidneys

How to use these oils to support your kidneys:

  • 1. A warm compress of these oils and a carrier oil over your kidney is a great way to target a body system. I get the oils I will be using in the compress ready along with my carrier oil and get a paper towel wet with hot water then add a drop or two of each oil with a carrier oil, then place it on the lower back. You could also use a heating pad on low or a hot water bottle to have a longer concentration of low heat.
  • 2. Make a roller ball blend of the oils listed with a carrier oil and roll the oils on your lower back, in the kidney area, regularly throughout the day. My roller ball recipe includes lemongrass, Juniper berry, geranium, and clary sage.
  • 3. Take the oils internally. A drop of lemon oil in your water daily will do you so much good. I suggest the Zendocrine supplement and I take theses oils in a veggie cap: lemongrass, thyme, bergamot.
  • 4. Take a bath! These oils are great oils for soaking. You will smell amazing after your time in the tub. I do not put the citrus oils in my bath. I like to use florals and tree oils in my bath and then make a big glass of water and put my citrus oils in there to drink as I bathe.

Use any and all of these protocols to support your kidneys as they support you. Your kidneys are essential for your health.

You can click on any of these oils to buy them separately or you can find all the oils and supplements in this article already loaded in a shopping cart here. You can add or take away any oils as you plan your protocol this just makes things super easy.

Do you want to learn more and go deeper? Here is an article on Drinking your oils!

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