We are a fellowship of friends who have been using essential oils for years and have become increasingly delighted with the changes they have brought to the lives of our family. We are here to talk about that and share what we have learned in the hope that it will make your life better too. We are not here to treat or diagnose, but to educate and empower. Please see our full disclosure here.

About Michele

I live in a city suburb and dream of roaming free on a farm. I’ve never farmed but I’m in love with Wendell Berry and he makes it seem possible.

But this is about oils…I took a chance on essential oils about four years ago thinking they would be greasy and slimy feeling (I had olive oil in my mind which didn’t seem nice) and instead they have done beautiful and even healthy things for me. And don’t feel slimy at all. 

So one day I will take a chance on owning a farm…and I feel like it will be healthy too.

What I’ve noticed over the years is that using EO brings a sense of connection to my physical and emotional needs and to the needs of those around me. I’m more aware because I have more solutions at my finger tips. When we don’t feel like we have anything to offer we disconnect.

We listen politely when someone speaks of an aliment or difficulty and then shrug our shoulders and say some nice platitude  …EO have helped me connect with people including their hurts and pain. It gives me a way to come alongside them. Connection. People with people but also people with what has been created in nature. Beautiful.

About Kea

I’m Kea and I’m a recovering hypochondriac and I love my family and New York and Frank Sinatra and not having headaches.  I love pudding and vintage dishes with pink and gold and all the things that make every day really nice. Like essential oils.  Elevating the mundane is the beginning of a beautifuller life. We’ve been using oils for four years now and they’ve changed the way we think about and treat our bodies and health.  I can’t wait for you to find out how they’ll make your life nicer everyday.

About Heather

I am Heather and I love the smell of citrus and the taste of coffee.  I think that the most important work I have ever done is the ordinary things that make my house a home and a refuge for those I love.  I have been using essential oils for three years and they have been vital in recovering a greater degree of health and mobility. I use them in some form everyday.  They are in the vitamins I take. i put a drop of lemon in my water or cinnamon in my coffee. I use them to sooth sore muscles and boost my immune system at the first sign that an environmental threat is trying to take me down.  I became aware of the power of the emotional oils as I used them through the grief process after a great loss. I diffuse them in my home and I give them to friends as gifts. You can read more of my story here. I love essential oils so much thatI can’t wait to share them you.  Welcome, sit down and read or listen and then let us know what you think. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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