Are you searching for a safe and natural way to combat foot fungus? This is my go-to foot soak after many years of foot issues that resulted from a serious injury. Soaking my feet every night became a ritual as I was growing my toenail back. I love this DIY foot soak to promote healthy nails and skin. This recipe is linked to a post I wrote on oregano oil. You can read it here.

I have loaded these oils in to a cart for you as a starting point. You can click here and add or delete anything to make your own cart. Another effective treatment that is a little less messy and easier to do everyday is to put these oils in a squirt bottle with vinegar and fractionated coconut oil.

***IMORTANT NOTE: Melaluca Oil and Tea Tree oil are the same thing. Here are some educational links to read more about tea tree oil and Oregano. They are powerhouse oils when you want to fight invaders.

I have had some serious foot injuries in the past and I have seen personally how the consistent use of botanicals supported healing with no adverse side effects. I was unwilling to use the oral medications after I read the side effects to my liver. Talk to you doctor about solutions that will strengthen you whole body. This soak and spray has made a world of difference for us. The idea of using this spray was given to my husband by his podiatrist. It is much less mess and work than a nightly soak. He just kept it next to where we sit and watch tv in the evening so it was easy to apply every night.

DIY Foot Soak recipe card
DIY Foot Soak Spray
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