When my husband reached into the oven to pull out a pan and the oven mitt didn’t quite protect his hand, my first thought is to grab the lavender.  I live in an area that literally turns yellow from pollen in the spring, first thought if I’m going outside…lavender. Bug bites? -lavender. Muscle tension? -Lavender.  Mind racing at the end of the evening and can’t fall asleep?…lavender. The list of uses for lavender is nearly unending. From calming bug bites to calming anxiety lavender supports the body in a variety of ways. It is no wonder I carry a whole bottle of it in my work apron. 

At work I apply lavender any time I start to feel overwhelmed or start to feel overly reactive about whatever is going on. I work at a really fun retail store. I enjoy being there and what I do but there are times when I can tell I’m letting things pile up in my heart; when I forget what is true and start to feel like the world will end if someone doesn’t get their sofa or the pillow wall doesn’t get organized. The truth is I do not have a high pressure job with the weight of the world on my shoulders but I act like it sometimes and lavender is my way back down. It turns down the emotional static and allows me to reset. It’s calm in a bottle. I apply it on my wrists and neck and inhale deeply. This is an oil that can be applied neat meaning it doesn’t need a carrier oil like almond or coconut before applying it the skin. I love the way using essential oils keeps me in tune with my body and gives me a way to handle concerns.

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