Cora is my 13-year-old.  She has an amazing brain. She was an intense baby in and out of the womb.  I knew within the first days of conception that I was growing something fierce.  When she was tiny I didn’t know how to make her okay.  She wasn’t my first baby but she was so different.  I just couldn’t calm her.  I would strap her in her carrier next to my chest and vacuum to get her to calm down.  Only her dad’s will and strength were a match for hers. There was so much intensity and frustration and we didn’t know how to help her feel comfortable in her body.  Teachers would say they’d love to be in her brain to see what it feels like.  Her first teacher told me she may need an alternative school. You could almost watch the cogs trying to turn and getting stuck.  She was sweet as could be but the daily things of life were sometimes so overwhelming that she looked at us begging for help.  And breaking down. When we first got oils she was the one who they resonated with the most.  I applied Balance to her wrists and her entire demeanor changed.  She was able to get through really hard things.  Like doing homework or finishing her lunch on time or getting her shoes on. Over the past four years, we’ve grown our arsenal of oils and have been able to learn what makes her feel better.  We’ve found what works best to support her body and brain.  Life looks very different from what it seemed like it was going to be.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key with any nutritional supplement.  So it is with essential oils.  

Here’s what we use DAILY to support her super amazing growing brain:

*doTERRA’s kid’s multivitamin

*a shot glass with juice and a tsp of IQOmegas and 3 drops of DDR Prime (this is one we NEVER want to skip)

*Peace and Cheer rolled over her heart

*InTune rolled on the back of her neck (brain stem)

*Balance on her wrists*Clarycalm on her throat (over thyroid to keep hormones balanced)

She’s now a straight-A student and is on the soccer team.  She plays all day with her sisters and has good friends.  She’s learned how to support herself.  Her own brain.  Her own emotions.  She goes straight to the oil drawer as soon as she feels “off”.  She’s empowered and the little details of life aren’t getting in the way of what she is here to do. I cannot wait to see what it is.  These little oils make parenting so good.

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