Opinions abound on this issue. There are a lot of voices saying all kinds of things. I am going to tell you what I do and not what you should do. I am comfortable drinking doTerra oils. Here are some details.

The cautions on drinking essential oils are founded. These are the precautions I take for ingesting oils:

  • I will only take doTerra oils internally. I know and trust the source. That is vital and it means I do not buy oils labeled doTerra from anyone but doTerra. When you buy doTerra oils on Amazon or eBay it is common to find that someone has refilled their empty bottles with an inferior oil. Just get them straight from the source.
  • I take 1-3 drops at a time, not an entire bottle. One of the principals of using oils that I follow especially at the beginning of using a new oil or protocol is the idea that less is more. Say that with me, LESS IS MORE.
  • Not every oil can be taken internally. You have to do your research here. A good rule is that if the oil comes from something you would eat, then it is probably safe to ingest. But be sure to look up every oil before deciding to take it internally, just to be safe.
  • Use the appropriate container. I use glass glasses and water bottles because essential oils can degrade plastics over time.

All the ways to “drink” your oils

1-Add them to a beverage

This means adding a drop of a citrus oil to your water. Lemon is the most frequently used, but I like to switch it up with some lime and tangerine or wild orange. I add them to tea just as often as I add them to my water.

Here is my recipe for a really yummy cherry limeade tea:

16 oz of brewed tea sweetened to your taste
1/4 of a lime
1 drop of doTerra lime essential oil
a shot of cherry extract
(The amount of extract will vary based on the quality and flavor of your extract. I make my own so it’s delicious and does not taste fake.)

Stir and enjoy! Then play with some variations, lemon, orange, and mint are also delicious in tea.

I also add a drop of essential to my hot beverages. I crave a drop of ginger in my hot tea or cinnamon in my coffee when fall arrives. Be careful with the steam when using a “hot” like those two if the steam gets in your eyes it will hinder your coffee fix that morning.

I put a drop in my smoothies. I will bump up the flavor with a citrus oil or I will add a drop of frankincense, copaiba or turmeric to help my body fight inflammation.

Slim and sassy is a great oil to drink in your water to help you manage cravings.

2-Take them in a shot glass

My daily shot: one drop each copaiba, turmeric, and frankincense, DDR prime and ginger

This is my go-to method for helping my body fight environmental threats and systemic inflammation. I put one gulp of water in a shot glass and add my oils, then I take them all in one swallow.

Allergy season: one each of lemon, lavender, and peppermint

Immunity booster: 1-3 drops of on guard, gargle and then swallow

Inflammation: one drop each copaiba, turmeric, and frankincense

3-Take them in a veggie cap

The shot glass method takes some getting used to. I did not start there. I started with veggie caps. You can put a drop of all the oils mentioned in a little capsule and take your oils that way if the taste bothers you.

4- A drop right under the tongue

This is a great rescue method when timing is everything. Sometimes I have to swish with coconut oil and spit to calm the sensation of the oil but it is worth it for relief from a headache or stomach distress.

If I feel a serious headache coming on, I can put a drop of turmeric under my tongue at the first sign and the anti-inflammatory properties kick in and rescue my day from the grip of that tightening vice.

If my stomach is upset from something I ate this a great way to find quick relief. I use a drop of Digestzen if I ate too late, too spicy, too much and my system just needs support and calming. I use a drop of lemongrass if I had too much dairy. My system has trouble with certain dairy products like ice cream. Lemongrass has lots of detoxing power and it helps me so much.

5- Don’t forget your supplements

I can feel the difference when I neglect my daily supplements. When I take my supplements consistently my body is like a fine-tuned machine. I had to figure out when is the best time for me to take them and it is with lunch.

6- Add them in your food

Let me tell you, a drop of lime oil in your avocado is just amazing. If you use herbs in your cooking, you should think about ways to add a drop of essential oil to boost the flavors of your dishes.

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