Do you have trouble breathing sometimes? I do. DoTerra’s respiratory blend, Breathe was probably my first daily use oil. Just before I put my head on the pillow, I put a drop in the palm of my hand and then rub my hands together and cup them around my nose and inhale deeply. Let me warn you now, it’s addicting.

What makes Breathe so powerful?

It is a blend of oils that soothes the tissue of the respiratory system and has powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties to help your body fight environmental threats. Several of these oils also have anti-inflammatory properties and act as an expectorant.

Oils found in doTerra’s respiratory blend and how they help your body:

Laurel Leaf: antiseptic, anti-fungal
Peppermint: antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, cooling, soothing, dilating
Eucalyptus: profound antiviral properties, reduces inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane
Melaleuca: antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, expectorant properties
Lemon: antiseptic, invigorating
Ravensara: antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, dilating
Cardamom: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, helps with congestion

Ways to use Breathe:

-Apply with a carrier oil to the bottom of feet and the chest or the back
-Apply with a warm compress and a carrier oil to the chest or back
-Put a drop on your pillow so that as you move in the night that smell is released into the air and you get another hit just when you need it
-Diffuse into the air with a diffuser (links to diffusers bellow)

I want to make this personal note about diffusing Breathe. I love this oil. I use it all the time, but I don’t diffuse it. The smell of oils can change when they are diffused and this one changes for the worst in my opinion. When I need to diffuse something that will open me up and soothe my nasal passages, I use peppermint. You can add a drop of eucalyptus or wintergreen to bump it up a little like I do when someone at my house is fighting congestion. I have a friend who has been struggling with her sinuses for years and she always sleeps with a diffuser beside her pumping out peppermint. It really helps her breathe while she sleeps.

A photo tutorial on Breathing:

  1. drop in hand
  2. rub hands together
  3. inhale
  4. smile

Diffusers options:

The amount you put in the diffuser will be up to you but start with the premise that less is more. Between 3-10 drops is all you need. But you will need to experiment to find what is exactly right for you.

Large room diffuser
small room diffuser

This information was compiled from personal experience and research. My favorite go-to for oil research is Modern Essentials. Please see our disclosure statement on how to use this information. We are not doctors. We are moms who like to help people make life nicer with oils.

More information and resources to learn more about Breathe

This is a great article from doTerra about Breathe. Click here to read it.

There are lots of products in the Breathe line:

Don’t go another winter without Breath drops in your cupboard. They are the best cough drops you can have on hand when you feel that post nasal drip irritating the back of your throat. They are so soothing and the vapor action opens up your sinuses like no other cough drop on the market. I always have some of these in my purse and in the medicine cabinet.

Do you use a menthol vapor rub? Well, the Breathe Stick will be your new favorite. It is in a push up stick so it is easy to apply to the chest and under your nose. I love to have this on hand when my people are suffering from a stuffy nose or a cough. This is a great rescue that soothes and opens airways.

There is also a Breathe Touch rollerball. I love the touch oils for lots of reasons. They come diluted with coconut oils which makes it easier to grab quickly when my kids need them. They are easy to carry around in my purse. This rollerball can be applied on the chest or under the nose, or on the balls of your feet. It is so quick and simple and makes my life easier!

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